Assassin's Road

Assassin's Road
Released: 28 May 1982 Duration: 1h 31min Genre: Drama
Toma (Go Kato) is a son of a doctor in Takane, Yoshitomo Monzen. He was ordered by the sick federal lord and travel to Edo. It was said that Tsurunosuke, the man supposed to be the next federal lord, got a heavy disease, and the order aimed to make sure if it is true or not. On his way to Edo, Toma gave a hand to Kiku (Mayumi Okamura) who had a stomachache. However, she seemed to be in big trouble, and there were many warriors on the roads… This is the remade drama of “Wakasamamono” written by a popular novelist Tatsuji Satte. Go Kato as Dr. Waka brandishes a sword to come up against the plot of Karo, related to the inheritance of Takane Han.

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