Die bizarre Krankenschwester

Die bizarre Krankenschwester
Released: 1 Jan 1997 Duration: 1h 42min Genre: unknown
Susanna is living in a castle together with her housemaids and a kinky nurse named Blade. Unbelivable what piggishness is going on there - the nurse is drinking urine and pissing the bathroom floor to let the others slip and roll around in her pee. In the meantime Blade is rubbing her clit watching them. An incredible watersports orgy, perverse dildo games and kind of really mean things are happening in the loo. Felicia - Susanna's nice - is there for a visit bringing with her the beautiful rubber slave girl Babsi. It's a brutal welcome when Blade forces her to give a deep licking of her black'n pink cunt. The horny nice is showing all that she is a barrel of champagne on legs when she is filling all their mouths with warm pee.

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